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Welcome to American Truck n' Auto Accessories where Quality is our motto. Quality parts along with quality service is the way we do business.
We specialize in Custom Billet Grilles, Chrome Trim, Interior and Exterior appearance accessories for your car, truck or SUV.

About Our Manufacturers

When we choose our manufacturers, we scrutinize them and their products and select only the finest in quality, fit and style. We stive to offer products where quality is job number one. You want a product that will make your vehicle stand out from the rest, that will last for years and be up to the same quality standards as your vehicle. Our products have to be user friendly and fit right. Finally, they have to look good and achieve the purpose they were purchased for. We carry billet grilles and custom grilles manufactured by the best in the industry. 

 Ablaze Grilles™ is a product of experience, imagination, innovation and a sincere desire to offer a high quality product that is still made in the USA and still offers great value for money. Starting with their own designs and ideas, Ablaze Grilles crafts their custom products by hand with quality control standards second to none. All manufacturing processes are done in  house which gives complete control over quality of finished product. Quality control standards mirror those used by OEMs so you can be sure the fit and finish of their products match the quality of your vehicle. Ablaze knows you don't want to install an item that is inferior in any way to OEM standards. Therefore they back their products with an amazing comprehensive 10yr warranty on finish and lifetime structural warranty. With this kind of support, you can rest assured you are buying one of the very best brands in the industry.

 T-Rex Billet Grilles™ are a billet grille manufacturer dedicated to delivering a quality product. They specialize on a specific market and cater to the needs of the customer. Their focus in the design department is in the fit, finish and ease of installation. Even though T-Rex has some of the latest technology at their finger tips, you will still find the attention to detail in their products only humans can give. All their products go through a rigorous multi step production and inspection procedure before they leave the factory. Their products are backed by a 5yr warranty and their commitment to quality and service is second to none. Made in the USA.

EG Classics, Inc.™ has been the dealer's advantage for over 30 years. With a strong background in producing quality products for dealer certified appearance accessories, E&G Classics continue to produce a much sought after product. Their name is synonymous in the automotive aftermarket accessory industry and their products speak for themselves. All E&G Classics products are proudly made in the USA. E&G Classics is a leader in new and innovative designs and continue to lead the way in the evolution of aft market automotive accessories. All E&G Classics prodcuts are backed by a 3yr warranty. 

  SES Trims™ offers a complete line of grilles and are well known for the triple nickel chrome plated finish that comes on each of their grilles. They offer a complete line of stainless steel chrome plated billet grilles and mesh grilles for many different vehicle makes and models. SES uses only the highest grade material available in all their products. All stainless steel grilles are made from 304 stainless, commonly referred to as "marine grade". This gives their grilles a gleaming chrome mirror finish and durability that is second to none. SES Trims products are backed by a lifetime warranty which includes the chrome plated finish!

prec_logo__2_.jpgPrecision Grilles™ are the custom grilles of choice for aftermarket restyling professionals word wide. As the name suggests, Precision Grilles come to the table with with an emphasis on engineering a Precision product, built to the same demanding specs as your vehicle was when it rolled off the production line at the factory. Precision was among the first in their industry to come out with many new, innovative and exciting products over the last 16+ years. Today they continue to lead the way, investing in state of the art technology and always seeking a better way to make a better product. Made in the USA.



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